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Helpful Holiday Tips for Getting Through The Holidays When You Are Grieving

Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season!  This time of year can be difficult if you’re missing a loved one and still grieving.  Below are some tips from Laura at www.EnchantedEssence.Ca  I hope you find the suggestions very helpful.   At Grief Hope Network, we recognize there are several ways to help you feel better …

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Thanksgiving Grief Poem

Celebrating Thanksgiving if you’ve recently lost a loved one can be difficult.  I hope the memories you shared bring you some comfort at this time.  This poem was written by a mother who lost her son.  I hope you find it some inspiration and peace by reading it.   Thanksgiving Grief Poem THANKSGIVING The time …

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H.O.P.E. = Hold On Pain Ends

In the early days after my husband died, I remember desperately wanting to feel a sense of hope that my 4 year old son and I would survive the loss.  Feeling a sense of hope that I might begin to feel a little better tomorrow, is what got me through.  My goal for Grief Hope Network is to provide a little …

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Beautiful love/grief quotes and Images

I found these and thought it would be nice to share them with you.  I hope they bring you comfort as they did to me. At Grief Hope Network, we recognize there are several ways to help you feel better in the grief recovery process. Many people don’t feel comfortable in sharing their feelings with …

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Recommended Grief Poems: Everybody Has a Story

Posted By: Grief Support on Sep 30, 2011 in Grief Poems

Everybody has a story. Some are happy; some are sad. Some tell about the good times Some tell about the bad. Some are epic poems. Some are comedies. There are fairy tales and dramas, But all are histories. Will you listen to my story? I will hear the one you tell— As you tell of …

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