Finding Hope in Grief

Grief Hope Network – Finding Hope in Grief

Grief Hope Network was developed to provide our members with help for today and hope for tomorrow.  Through our extensive grief recovery resources, Grief Hope Network can help you begin the process of learning to deal with your grief and find hope that tomorrow will be a brighter.

Hope Through Member Grief Resources

Finding hope in grief may sound like a difficult task, but through Grief Hope Network’s extensive member resources, you can begin to heal and feel hopeful about your future.  Whether it’s by reading our poems about grief and hope, learning how to cope with grief from our grief webinars or finding your way through grief by reading our grief books, Grief Hope Network provides many resources to help you find hope, even in the midst of your grief.

Our Member Resources Provide Hope Through:

View our Member Resources page to learn more about the Grief Hope Network’s free grief resources for our members.

Hope Through Community Connections

Knowing you are not alone can make an immeasurable difference in your healing process.  Through our Community Connections, you can connect with other Grief Hope Network members who have also experienced a loss.  By simply sharing your story, offering advice to other members or creating your own online grief support group, you can begin to find hope that you too will heal.

Learn more about how words of hope in grief can help you and other members begin the healing process by visiting our many Community Connection pages:

Get Connected Today.  View our Member Resources page to see a full list of our free Community Connections grief resources for members.

Hope Through Professional Grief Resources

Help for today provides hope for tomorrow.  Through Grief Hope Network’s professional resources, you can connect with professionals that offer financial, legal and counseling services.  Grief Hope Network’s professional services include:

  • Financial Professional Help
    Find a professional in your area that can provide financial advising after death. 

    View the Professional Financial Resources page to learn more.

  • Legal Professional Help
    Let a professional help you understand the legal steps after death you need to take. 

    View the Professional Legal Resources page to learn more.

  • Counseling Professional Help
    Whether you are seeking online grief counseling or traditional, in person bereavement counseling, Grief Hope Network can help connect you with a grief counselor that can give you hope for the future. 

    View the Professional Counseling Resources page to learn more.


Are you a professional who wants to help Grief Hope Network members?  Please visit our Professional Services page to learn how your company can become a Grief Hope Network professional resource.

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