Grief Journals

Many times, writing down your feelings and thoughts privately can help you to better express how the loss of a loved one is affecting you.  Using a grief journal can be the first step in coming to terms with your true feelings and help you begin the healing process.  Grieving journals give you the opportunity to express your honest feelings about the loss of a loved one, without fear or shame, and help you better understand your own personal grief journey.

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How Can Grief Journals Help?

Many times, when a loved one dies, we have many different feelings about their death.  From sadness, to anger or fear, there are many confusing emotions we experience in the days, weeks and months following a loss.  A grief journal allows you to express those feelings privately and begin to come to terms with your own process of grieving.

Grieving journals can help you to understand the pain you are feeling.  Often, the act of writing down one’s feelings can be therapeutic and help us work through the grief.  Many grief counselors recommend grief journals, which can help you truly express your feelings of sadness, loss and anger and then begin to move forward.

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