How To Get Through What You’re Going Through

How To Get Through What You’re Going Through

For over 20 years, I have been blessed to be a member of Saddleback Church. Many of you may have heard of my pastor, Rick Warren; author of the infamous book, The Purpose Driven Life. You may have also heard that he and his wife Kay lost their son Matthew a few months ago; he took his life after a longtime struggle with mental illness.

Rick and Kay grieved like any parent who has lost a child, but on an international scale. I knew they would eventually use their pain and grief for good. Over the years, Rick has often said that ‘God doesn’t ever waste a hurt.’

After taking 4 months off from the church, this is their highly anticipated first sermon back. The title of this message is ‘How We’re Getting Through.’ It’s the first in a 6 part series, ‘How To Get Through What You’re Going Through’ so stay tuned for more. This is a powerful message and I know it will provide a lot of help in your grief recovery.

At Grief Hope Network, we recognize there are several ways to help you feel better in the grief recovery process. Many people don’t feel comfortable in sharing their feelings with people they don’t know in traditional counseling sessions. As part of your online grief support, you can connect and communicate with other members at for Help for Today & Hope for Tomorrow.


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