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Getting Through Life’s Losses

Hello Grief Hope Network Members, It is my pleasure to share my pastor, Rick Warren’s 3rd message after the loss of his son Matthew earlier this year.  In this 6 part series, ‘Getting Through WhatYour Going Through,’ he shares what he and his wife Kay have learned about grief.  They have learned that grief is healthy …

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When Your World Collapses

I am so blessed to be a 20+ year member of Saddleback Church.  It’s my honor to post Pastor Rick & Kay Warren’s second service as they share their grief recovery journey after their son Matthew died.  I know this powerful message will give you ‘Help for Today & Hope for Tomorrow.’ At Grief Hope Network, we recognize there are several …

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Help for today & Hope for the Holidays

The holiday season is especially tough for those of us who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  Whether it’s your first or your tenth holiday without them, you will be filled with mixed emotions of happy memories and sadness as you still try to enjoy the holidays with friends and family.  The United States suffered …

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Help For Grieving Parents: A Grief Support Network Perspective

“The Death Of A Child – The Grief Of The Parents: A Lifetime Journey” An excerpt from an article on WWW.ATHEALTH.COM “Expressing feelings in journals, poetry, prayers, or other reflective writings or in art, music, or other creative activities.” Grief Hope Network recognizes that parental grief is unique and especially challenging. As part of our …

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