Recommended Grief Poems: Everybody Has a Story

Posted By: Grief Support on Sep 30, 2011 in Grief Poems

Everybody has a story.
Some are happy; some are sad.
Some tell about the good times
Some tell about the bad.
Some are epic poems.
Some are comedies.
There are fairy tales and dramas,
But all are histories.

Will you listen to my story?
I will hear the one you tell—
As you tell of heaven’s pleasures
Or the agonies of hell.
Everybody has a story:
How one’s life has come to be,
A story of a journey,
A person’s history.

Everybody tells a story
In the way one lives each day—
A story told by actions
And the things one has to say—
Stories told in art and labor,
In the music and the rhyme.
We are always sharing stories;
Now it’s story-telling time.

©Stan Sanford
August 7, 2002

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