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Hello GHN members,

It’s been my honor to help others navigate a path toward grief relief the past few years.  I guess one of the advantages of starting this site is to also to post a personal proud parent moment 🙂  My husband died when my son Michael was 4 years old.  I still have vivid memories of him encouraging my son when he crawled in the cupboard to bang on the pots and pans as drums.  I even have a picture of them playing together with bowls on their heads!?  Fast forward 10 years later to this YouTube video of an impromptu performance of my son playing the drums at his middle school talent show.  Michael is a dedicated and passionate musician who currently plays in 3 bands.  He LOVES performing music; it’s in his soul!!!

My husband’s mother was a talented singer and piano player; perhaps that’s where my son gets his talent.  I know that my husband would be beaming with pride at what an awesome son Michael has grown into being.  It’s bittersweet but he is a living and inspiring example that life goes on … it’s with great pleasure that I share this video with you.  I look forward to your feedback.

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