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Grief Hope Network Support & Groups

While grief affects each person differently, the need for support and guidance remains the same.  Knowing that someone else has experienced a similar loss can make a huge impact on your grief recovery.  At Grief Hope Network, we encourage our members to connect with each other for comfort, and to offer advice and comfort, and to form grief support groups that can empower and encourage members to work through their feelings of loss.

What is a Grief Support Group

Grief support groups are available in almost every community in the nation and many online grief support groups exist for people who wish to virtually connect with other people who have experienced a loss to support to one another.  If you are searching for grief support groups for widows and widowers or loss of child online support groups, Grief Hope Network can help you find or create a grief and loss support group that fits your needs.

View a list of grief support groups available in your area or online to find the right group for your needs.

Start An Online Grief Recovery Group

Would you like to find other Grief Hope Network members that have experienced a loss similar to yours?  You can connect with members of the Grief Hope Network and offer support and guidance to one another by starting an online grief support group.  You can learn how to create an online grief support group below in the Let Grief Hope Network Be Your Guide section.

Start an Online Grief Support Group Today

Start a Local Grief Support Group

There are people in your community that have also experienced a loss and are searching for a grief support group where they can share their stories and feelings.  Take the first step in connecting with others in your community who are also on a journey through grief by starting a grief support group in your local area.  Find out how to begin a local grief support group in your community by visiting the Let Grief Hope Network Be Your Guide section below.

Let Grief Hope Network Be Your Guide

Whether you want to start an online grief support group on Grief Hope Network or you wish to create a local bereavement support group in your community, Grief Hope Network has the resources and tools you need to learn how to form a grief support group, find members for your group, and organize and promote your grief support group’s events.  Visit the following links to find out more information on starting a grief support group and to find tools you can use during your meetings:

Explore Grief Hope Network Support Services

Grief Hope Network offers a wide variety of grief support services for its members.  Whether you want to connect with other members in our grief chat rooms or need to find a professional grief counselor in your area, Grief Hope Network can help.  Our grief support services include:

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