Is Heaven Like Hawaii?


Last month I enjoyed a week on the Big Island of Hawaii with my son and 7 other family members.  Everyday we woke up and fell asleep to the sounds of palm trees swaying in the
tropical breeze with gentle waves rolling in the background.  From our window we could see the turquoise blue water of A Bay where we swam and snorkeled with the brightly colored fish
and friendly, giant sea turtles.  Walking around, we were surrounded by beautiful flora perfuming the air that we don’t experience on the mainland.  The entire time we were there, I was filled with an inner peace and joy.  Of course, everything is better when you’re on vacation.  But I didn’t want my bliss to end and I wanted to stay in Hawaii forever …

Alas, reality and obligations made me return home to California, which ain’t too shabby either.  But when I was in Hawaii, I thought of a book I read shortly after my husband died, “Within Heaven’s Gates” by Rebecca Springer.

Years ago, I remember crying in the grief section at the book store searching for a book written by someone who had gone to heaven and came back to write a book about it.  I wanted to know what my husband was doing, wearing and eating etc … and the bible wasn’t specific enough for me.  A very kind lady sat on the floor with me and listened to me sob.  Her husband had died two years before and she highly recommended “Within Heaven’s Gates.”

I don’t know if I believe in near death experiences and none of us will know what heaven is really like until we get there ourselves.  But this book about heaven is written in such beautiful and exquisite detail, it often took my breath away.  It brought me a lot of comfort as I imagined my husband in the tranquil scenes that Ms. Springer describes.  Focusing on his joy in heaven took some of the pain of the loss that my 4-year-old son and I were experiencing.  I have since ordered many copies as a grief resource and give it to people I know that are struggling with the loss of a loved one.  As part of our online grief support, I recommend this short book and I hope you find comfort in “Within Heaven’s Gates” as well…  If you’re looking for online grief help, you may order this by clicking on the Grief Books tab below this article.

Mahalo!  Much love and comfort to you.

Judy Davidson, Founding Member

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