Humor & Grief … can they co-exist?

If you are in the early stages of grief, you may think it’s impossible to find anything funny or that you’ll ever be able to laugh again.  I remember those days from over 10 years ago.  But, growing up in a large Irish Catholic family (4 brothers and 3 sisters) there was always something to laugh at or tease each other about.  It wasn’t long, perhaps just a few weeks after my husband’s death that I began to find a little something to grin or chuckle at.  Mostly from looking back at the photos and videos of our ten years together and remembering what a goof ball my husband was and what a quick sense of humor he had.  At first, I felt a little guilty.  How can I smile or laugh?  The love of my life recently died and I feel like half of my body has been torn off.  But the small ‘grief break’ that smile or chuckle provided made me feel a wee bit better and my heart a little lighter.

The attached article, Finding Joy in the Midst of Despair By Darcie D. Sims, PhD, CHT, CT, GMS from TAPS Magazine should be helpful to you at this time. – paste this link into your web browser

I especially love what she says, If your loved one ever laughed when he was alive, then you can do no less than to continue that wonderful legacy of joy. May love be what you remember the most!”

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