From Grief to Hope: ‘Rebirth’ Reflects on 9/11: SOCAU Perspective on Coping With Grief

Posted By: judydavidson on Sep 10, 2011 in Grief in the Media, Grief in the News

Grief Hope Network would like to share the attached article as a resource for online grief help.  Rebirth, the documentary, focuses on 5 individuals and their journey in coping with grief.

Rebirth is a documentary that grants the audience intimate and often painful access to five individuals who experienced the tragedy of 9/11 firsthand: the young fiancée of a first responder; a high school student whose mother worked in one of the Towers; a firefighter who lost his best friend; a construction worker who processes his grief as he works to rebuild at Ground Zero; and a woman who survived the attack but was left with debilitating physical scars. There is inherent drama to the spectacular violence and trauma of 9/11, but this film reaches deeper by not only asking what the tragedy meant to them that day, but what it means to them now, as the filmmakers follow the five survivors for a decade after the attacks in an exploration of grief, love, pain, transformation and ultimately, hope.”

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We were especially touched by ‘Rebirth’ director, Jim Whitaker’s perspective that grief can be messy but there is also hope at the end of the road.  Even though grief may never completely leave you, but you can have joy in your life again.

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