Don’t Give Up

Inspirational song provides grief support and grief hope …

Inspiration for my posts come as pleasant surprises to me from random things I’ve seen or done as I go about my day.  In this case, I was flying back to the U.S. from Dublin, Ireland where I had spent a glorious week with my 3 sisters and niece visiting the areas where our great grandparents had lived.  On that 8 hour flight, I was flipping through a magazine and read a brief article about the singer Peter Gabriel and his latest concert tour.  It mentioned the song, “Don’t Give Up” and I remembered how much I liked that song when it first came out in the 80’s.  Although it was originally written about unemployment in the United Kingdom at the time (something we can still relate to in the U.S.) the song also elicits comfort for those in grief recovery.  Here is the last stanza from the song:

don’t give up
’cause you have friends
don’t give up
you’re not the only one
don’t give up
no reason to be ashamed
don’t give up
you still have us
don’t give up now
we’re proud of who you are
don’t give up
you know it’s never been easy
don’t give up
’cause I believe there’s the a place
there’s a place where we belong

There were many times, especially in the early days after my husband died that I felt like giving up.  But thanks to the support of my family, friends and faith I did not.  Grief Hope Network provides online grief support to its’ members through resources and friendship to those who feel like giving up.  Because we’ve all shared a similar experience, this is a place where we belong.  By joining today, you can communicate with other members, read and respond to grief blogs and utilize many other grief resources.  Please let us know how we can continue to serve you.

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