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Out of great sadness can come great inspiration. This is the story of Grief Hope Network. Founder Judy Davidson knows all too well the feelings of grief that are caused by the death of a loved one. At the age of 9, her father died of a heart attack, leaving her mother to raise 8 children alone. And after only five years of marriage, Judy’s husband unexpectedly passed away, leaving her a single parent and sole provider to their 4-year-old son.

After much soul-searching, Judy knew that her positive and negative experiences of coping with grief could help others who have experienced the loss of someone they loved. She was inspired to form Grief Hope Network in the months following her husband’s death. She knew that critical period following the death of a loved one can be the most difficult in anyone’s life. During her grief recovery journey, she thought about the many issues facing people who have experienced a loss. There ARE emotional issues that can keep even the strongest person from moving forward. And the legal and financial burdens that come from the loss of a loved one can seem insurmountable when you are in the midst of mourning.

Grief Hope Network is the beginning of helping people just like Judy pick up the pieces of their lives and begin to sketch out a new normal. “Communication is key to coping,” she says. “Friends and family mean well, but if they haven’t been in your shoes, they simply don’t know what to say.” Grief Hope Network connects members and professionals by offering free resources and help for people navigating their way through the emotional, financial and legal issues after the loss of a loved one. “We can get through this together,” says Judy.

Several years after her husband’s death, Judy’s vision of providing ‘Help for today & Hope for tomorrow’ is coming to fruition through www.GriefHopeNetwork.com (myonlinegriefsupport.com)

About GriefHopeNetwork.com (myonlinegriefsupport.com)

GriefHopeNetwork.com (myonlinegriefsupport.com) is a free online community that provides help for today and hope for tomorrow to its members. It is the place where those who are grieving can connect with others who have also experienced loss, find online support groups, join grief forums and follow grief blogs. The site also allows members to connect with professionals that offer grief counseling, legal guidance and financial counseling.

View the Members Resources page to connect with other members of Grief Hope Network, to explore the various free resources available, and to locate professionals that offer counseling, legal guidance and financial advice.

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